Tire FAQ

The tire clearly states that it is tubeless. Why do I need a tube?

Spoked wheels do not hold air. The air will leak out past the spoke nipples. Also some of the early Mag wheels from the late 70’s and early 80’s are very porous and require tubes.

Why do they recommend new brakes so often on my tire changes now, my old Harley almost never needed them.

On 1999 and older models the brakes would last 40,000 to 50,000 miles. When Harley change the calliper design in 2000,they rear pads are normally done at about 15,000 miles. On Road King and Dresser models you need to drop the rear tire to accurately install the inner pad, so it is cheaper to do it when the tire is already off during the tire change.

Can I save money by brining in just the wheel instead of dropping off the motorcycle.

Yes. This is going to be a very long answer. There are many different variables. The front tire on a Wide Glide is super simple. Put a jack under it and pull the Axle. The rear tire on a 2000 and newer Fat Boy with stock exhaust is a royal pain.

If it is a quick simple job like the Wide Glide the savings are modest because it takes us less time. Instead of us charging say $35 labor, bring us in the wheel and the ture change will be $25.00 labor plus cost of disposal, lube/sealer, wheet weights and tax.

Now if we are doing that Fat Boy or some custom wide tire kit. Saving are substantial because they are way more involved and time consuming.

On the phone all you would give me was an average price. I’m looking for a bid. An actual price quote.

Can’t. Won’t. Too many things that could affect the price potentially. Rusted in axle, loose spokes, etc. Sometimes the spoke wheels have a lot of rust on the inside and need to be wire wheeled. All of these things are rare, but are potential.

Do you do tire changes on other brands besides Just Harley Davidsons?

Yes. But you will need to bring out your motorcycle for me to look at, and then we will look up the tires for availability and do a price estimate.

How often do I have to replace the wheel bearings?

Two part answer.

On 2000 and newer models almost never. We have customers with over 150,000 miles that have not replaced them.

On 1999 and older models the book calls for them to be replaced with grease every 10,000 miles. If you go through them every tire change that is usually good. On the rare occasion that we need to replace one of the packable style bearings they are only $12.95 per side, but need the center end play reset after being replaced.

In you price breakdown how do I know if I have a Mag Wheel. They all kind of have spokes.

On the magnesium or aluminium wheels the “spokes” are more of a web or beam from the casting where as the actual spoked wheels have about 1/8″ stainless steel wire spokes the are nutted inside the rim for adjustment/truing. All off the wire spoked wheels require innertubes. The Mag wheels do not.

My inner tube still holds air why can’t I reuse it?

You could but it probably will not last the life of the new tire. From a reputation and liability standpoint we will not reinstall a used tube.

The old tube over the course of time tends to expand to the point of taking on the size of the area allowed, which is bad because a new tire will grow 4 to 7 percent over time with air inflation.

Do you replace or true spoked wheels?

We have a local fellow that has done all of our lacing and truing for over 25 years. He is a perfectionist and does an incredible job for a reasonable price. Simple truing normally $40.00 to $50.00 allow a week turn around time.